Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Our experienced law firm does not shoehorn individual cases into a particular category because we know that the details and information involved with your case are unique. We will take the time to listen to your concerns and get an accurate picture of your situation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists can be a disenfranchised group on the highway as significantly more powerful vehicles are trying to get to their destinations – sometimes at irresponsible speeds. These situations often lead to accidents where the motorcycle operator is left hurt. Insurance companies can represent another roadblock, given that they may withhold important compensation from those who desperately need it. Our Mississippi firm will fight passionately for those who have been involved in these accidents to reach the best result for our clients. You interests will never be left behind. Our Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Services are designed to provide you the justice and compensation you deserve.

18-Wheeler Accidents

18-Wheelers are perhaps the most frightening vehicles drivers encounter on the road, and they are extremely dangerous if handled improperly. What would be a simple, harmless dent between two small cars can lead to a tragic injury when a collision occurs between one of these colossal trucks and a car, or even a smaller truck. Andy Stewart & Associates, P.C. understands the trauma that can result from such accidents and will take your emotions into thoughtful consideration as we pursue a case.

Family Law

When the fabric of previous relationships is torn, one's life can be left in disarray. In the midst of separation, fights might ensue that threaten the emotional well-being of one partner, or even the welfare of children. Our law firm is committed to working for the best interests of the child, and to reach an agreement between former spouses that results in the least amount of emotional and psychological damage. Andy Stewart & Associates, P.C. offers experience with divorce settlements, custody disputes, child support, adoption, juvenile law and other family issues. We understand that such matters are sensitive, even devastating at times, and our conscientious team will work hard to ensure everyone involved walks away with an improved quality of life. Fairness is of utmost importance to us.

Workers' Compensation

When an employee gets hurt on the job, his or her employer may try to evade doing the right thing by ensuring that the employee receives adequate care and compensation. When this occurs, our team will step in to fight for you. Those who are unfortunate enough to encounter these events are unquestionably deserving of medical benefits and potentially wage benefits.

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